Factory on liquefied petroleum gas is under construction

Ha Noi, Nov. 28 (VNA) -- Work started on construction of a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) loading factory in Ho Chi Minh City on Nov. 27 by BP Petco, a joint venture between British Petroleum (BP) and the Viet Nam Petroleum Corporation.

The factory, capable of loading 50,000 tonnes of LPG a year, has total investment capital of USD 10 million and will be built in three phases. Phase one is scheduled for completion in late 2001, when the factory will have a yearly capacity of 15,000 tonnes.

Phases two and three will be conducted in the following five years.

BP Petco, Viet Nam's biggest joint venture in lubricant processing and marketing, now has total investment capital of USD 48 million. It expanded operations to liquefied petroleum gas in April 1998.