Democracy may be exercised in different ways

Nov. 3 (VNA)-- Deputy Justice Minister Ha Hung Cuong rejected a stance putting a multi-party system as the symbol of democracy, saying there were different ways to the common goal of democracy.

The deputy minister addressed an international conference in Bamako, Mali, from Nov. 1-3, which involved more than 300 delegates from 55 member countries of the Francophone community, observer countries, regional and international organisations, and non-governmental organisations of the community, to discuss measures on exercising democracy, rights and freedom among the Francophone community.

Deputy Justice Minister Cuong stressed that although democracy was the common, popular goal of the world, there were different ways to the goal and there should not be a sole model of democracy to be imposed on all countries.

He pointed out that Viet Nam, led by its only Party, the Communist Party, has recorded major achievements in terms of democracy over the past 55 years, regaining national independence and reunification as well as achieving initial successes in turning Viet Nam into a prosperous and strong country with a just, democratic and advanced society.