Decision on rural trades development

Ha Noi, Nov. 28 (VNA) -- The Prime Minister on Nov. 24 issued a decision on incentive policies to develop rural trades.

Under the decision, priorities will be given to handicraft and small industry, including the processing and preservation of agro-forestry and fisheries products, production of construction materials, wooden furniture and rattan products, ceramic and glasswares, garments and textiles, and small mechanical engineering; production of fine arts and handicrafts; and construction and transportation at communual and inter-communual levels and other services for rural production and inhabitants' life.

Local authorities will be required to set up favourable conditions for rural occupational establishments to develop production, including granting of land use right certificates and creating rural occupations.

The decision also mentioned incentive policies concerning the exploitation of materials for production, investment and credit, taxes and fees, markets, labour and training, and science and technology development in rural production establishments.

Rural occupational establishments are required to improve product quality and diversify products, particularly fine arts and handicrafts, thus raising the competitiveness of products for domestic and foreign markets.

The Government asked the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) to devise a plan and policies on rural occupational development to submit to the Government for approval. It also called on MARD to coordinate with relevant ministries to make a plan to develop rural infrastructure with a view to developing craft villages and rural occupations.--VNA