Results of labor - employment census in Vietnam

Ha Noi, Oct. 28 (VNA) -- The national labor-employment census to July 1, 2000 made it known that the number of jobs increased and the rate of unemployment continued falling in Viet Nam.

The results of the census, made public on Oct. 27, indicated that the total number of people aged from 15 upwards reached 54,269,798 and those of working age, 46,249,428 in the whole country.

The rate of unemployment was 6.44 percent nationwide, with 7.95 percent being recorded in Ha Noi and 6.48 percent, in Ho Chi Minh City.

However, while the number of people provided with jobs increased, the rate of umemployment was still high in big cities. The situation requires more investment in job generation to help maintain a stable society and boost economic development.