Development for the poorest communes in Vietnam

Ha Noi, Oct. 28 (VNA) -- So far this year VND 565 billion (USD 40.4 million) has been invested in 2,977 infrastructure projects in the country's poorest communes as part of a government programme on socio-economic development in mountainous and remote areas (Programme 135).

Of the projects, 1,098 with a combined capital of VND 257 billion (USD 18.4 million) focused on building roads and 602 others capitalized at VND 98 billion (USD 7 million), on building irrigation systems.

Programme 135 targets the 1,870 poorest communes scattered throughout 49 provinces and cities nationwide.

The central government's budget will support socio-economic development in 1,746 communes and local government's will be responsible for the remaining 124.

Also under the programme, the Government spent VND 410 billion (USD 29.5 million) in 1999 building infrastructure facilities in 1,000 of the poorest communes in 30 provinces.

About 500 out of 1,753 projects on hunger eradication and poverty reduction in 1,000 poorest communes had been put into operation by the end of 1999, helping local inhabitants improve their living conditions.