Crimimal cases reduced in 1999 and 2000

Criminal cases have been reduced in 1999 and in the first nine months in 2000, according to an assessment of the Ministry of Public Security.

This was revealed at a conference to sum up the implementation of government Resolution 09 dated July 31, 1998 on enhancing criminal prevention and control works in the new situation and the national programme on criminal prevention and control. Officials of the Ministry of Public Security and representatives of concerned agencies attended the conference.

As a result of the Resolution and national programme, criminal cases were reduced by 3.41% in 1999 compared with that in 1998 and by 8.5% in the first nine months of 2000 compared with the same period last year.

The conference also drew experiences from now to the end of 2001 to reduce the number of crimes, especially serious crime, thus ensuring security and social order and making a contribution to national socio- economic development.

The same day, the Ministry of Public Security reviewed its drug criminal control works since the beginning of the year. Many drug-related cases have been discovered. Many movements to fight against drug-related crimes have been launched in localities. The number of drug-related cases was reduced by 23.8% from 26.3% in 1999. The number of pupils and students using drugs has decreased. However, crime development is still complicated, so it is still difficult for the tasks to fight against them. This requires the wise leadership and close co-ordination of the administration at all levels.