MFA Spokesman on comments from California based Hoa Hao Church

On Sept. 26, MFA's Spokesman anwsered questions from Reuters to comment a press release from California based council of Hoa Hao Buddist, saying that "five church members were tried and a demonstration by hundreds of Hoa Hao believers and one woman suicide in protest":


"Officials from An Giang province informed that above mentioned report is a sheer fabricated and distorted information. There was no protest by hundreds of Hoa Hao Buddist believers or any suicide as reported in the press release. The opening of the court session was to charge those who violated Vietnamese law and was nothing to do with religion."

Background information on Vietnam policy of freedom of religion:

Vietnam considers religions and beliefs to be a spiritual need of a section of the population and highly respects people's freedom of beliefs.

Vietnam is a multireligious state and all religions, religious believers or non-religious belivers are equal before the law.

There are about 1,5 million Hoa Hao believers in Vietnam. All religious practices which serve legitimate and legal interests of the religious adherents are secured.

Vietnamese state strictly carries out a policy of freedom of religion but also determined to punish those who take advantage of religion to breach the law.

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