Five-day Working Week from October

Nhan Dan Aug 29--The Government has decided to carry out a five-day working week, starting from October 2 with two days off.

If a holiday coincides with Saturday or Sunday, administrative employees will have the following day off.

Beneficiaries are cadres, civil servants and people working in the administrative offices and socio-political organisations of the State.

If any departments of education and health sectors face difficulties, a six-day working week system will be still implemented until the first day of the year 2000.

The Ministry of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs will provide the State-owned businesses with concrete guidelines on how to implement the five-day working week system.

Working and leisure time in line with the Labour Code of businesses of other economic sectors will be decided by their owners.

However, the State encourages these businesses to carry out a 40-hour working week.