Vietnam, Cuba Issue Joint Declaration

VNA July 16, 99 - Vietnam and Cuba issued a joint declaration on July 14 at the end of an official visit by General Secretary Le Kha Phieu of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee.

Following is the full text of the declaration:

1. General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee (CPV CC) Le Kha Phieu paid an official friendship visit to Cuba from July 8 to July 14, 1999 at the invitation of the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee (CPC CC) and President of the Council of State and the Government of Cuba, Fidel Castro Ruz.

2. General Secretary of the CPV CC Le Kha Phieu held talks with First Secretary of the CPC CC and President of the Council of State and the Government of Cuba Fidel Castro Ruz.

The talks took place in an atmosphere of mutual understanding and trust and full of fraternal feelings.

3. The two sides informed each other of the recent situation of their respective Parties and countries; reviewed the relations between the two Parties and countries over the past four decades; and noted with pleasure that the solidarity, friendship, co-operation, and mutual support between the Parties, States and peoples of Vietnam and Cuba have been further consolidated and developed.

The Vietnamese side highly evaluated the efforts and important achievements made by the heroic Cuban people in spite of all pressure, blockade and hostility from the United States; and wished the Cuban people still greater successes in their cause of socialist construction under the clear-sighted leadership of the CPC headed by Fidel Castro Ruz. Vietnam resolutely supports the Cuban people's just struggle and demands an immediate end to the policy of blockade against Cuba.

The Cuban side highly valued Vietnam's endeavours and important successes in its cause of renovation; and wished the Vietnamese people still greater achievements in the cause of socialist construction, national industrialisation and modernisation towards the goal of "a rich people, a powerful country and a just and civilised society" under the clear-sighted leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam headed by Le Kha Phieu.

4. The two sides are pleased with the fine development of the loyal and pure comradeship and fraternity between the two Parties, States and peoples over the past decades, and affirm their determination to do their utmost in the new situation to further consolidate and strengthen their traditional friendship, solidarity, comprehensive co-operation, and mutual trust towards the 21st century, on the basis of the 1982 Friendship and Co-operation Treaty and other documents signed between the two countries.

The Communist Party, the State and the people of Vietnam expressed their heart-felt and profound gratitude toward the Communist Party, the State and the fraternal people of Cuba for their pure solidarity, valuable support and whole-hearted assistance to the Vietnamese people in their past struggle for national independence and re-unification as well as in the current process of building and defending their socialist fatherland.

The Communist Party, the State and the people of Cuba expressed their sincere and deep gratitude to the Communist Party, the State and the fraternal people of Vietnam for their pure solidarity, precious support and whole hearted assistance to the Cuban people in building socialism and defending the socialist achievements in Cuba.

5. The two sides affirmed their loyalty to the principles of Marxism-Leninism, internationalism of the working class, Ho Chi Minh Thought and Jose Marti Thought, and their resolve to persist in the goals of national independence and socialism in the cause of national construction and defence in each country, thus contributing more actively to the common struggle of the world people for peace, national independence, democracy and social progress.

6. The two sides agreed to major orientations to boost and broaden the co-operation between the two Parties, States and peoples in all fields with a view to bringing into full play each country's strength and potential on the basis of efficiency, giving each other favourable conditions and appropriate priority as well as necessary support to the development process in each country.

The two sides were unanimous in maintaining regular high-level contacts between leaders of the two Parties and States, boosting development of relations between the two countries' branches and levels, particularly encouraging the exchange of visits and education among the young generations of the two countries in order to consolidate, develop and pass down to future generations the fine tradition of fraternal solidarity binding Vietnam and Cuba together.

7. The two sides affirmed their determination to boost co-operation in economy, trade, science and technology between the two countries through the annual agreement of the Vietnam-Cuba Inter-governmental Commission, encourage direct co-operation between the two countries' branches, localities and businesses, especially in the fields of agriculture, construction, transport and communications, light industry, handicraft, bio-technology, pharmaceutical industry, veterinary medicine and other production sectors.

8. The two sides expressed common viewpoints on the regional and international situation and emerging threats, particularly to small and developing countries. These include hegemonism, the use of force and violations of the principles of International Law defined in the United Nations Charter, a total disregard for the United Nations organisation and its peace keeping role as was the case of the aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

The two sides resolutely rejected NATO's new strategy concept which gives itself the right to interfere in any place and affirmed that international relations must be guided by the principles of respect for the independence, sovereignty, equality, and self-determination of all nations, non-interference in each other's internal affairs, territorial integrity, non-use of force, and settling disputes through political negotiations on the basis of co-operation and mutual respect.

The two sides stressed the importance of respecting the United Nations organisation, continuing the struggle to democratise the UN, prevent the scheme of exercising hegemony over this organisation and adhere to the original objective set by the UN that it is an organisation working for peace, development and co-operation among all member countries. Both sides pledged to continue their co-ordination in the Non-Aligned Movement and other international forums to accelerate activities towards a rational and equitable system of international relations and to fully respect International Law, independence, development, democracy and justice.

The two sides expressed their concern over the trends that are governing the world economy during the process of globalisation with conditions imposed on developing countries, causing severe socio-economic losses and affecting the lives of millions of people worldwide.

9. The two sides highly valued the fine results of the official friendship visit to the Republic of Cuba by General Secretary Le Kha Phieu, an event of historic significance, opening a new period of development for the friendly and co-operative ties between the Parties, States and fraternal peoples of Vietnam and Cuba.

10. General Secretary Le Kha Phieu expressed sincere thanks to the Party, State and people of Cuba for their grand fraternal welcome to him and the Vietnamese high-level delegation, which vividly manifested the close solidarity and friendship between the Parties, States and peoples of Vietnam and Cuba.

General Secretary Le Kha Phieu invited President Fidel Castro Ruz to pay an official friendship visit to Vietnam at a convenient time. President Fidel Castro accepted the invitation with pleasure and thanks.