Spokesperson on Vietnam - Cambodia relations

Answer by the Spokesperson of Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs to foreign correspondent on June 9, 1999 with regard to Vietnam-Cambodia relations.

Question: On 9 June 1999, EFE correspondent asked about Vietnam's views on a piece of news that Cambodian students demonstrated to allegedly claim back Cambodia's land when General Secretary Le Kha Phieu arrived in Phnom Penh. How do the ongoing negotiations over Vietnam-Cambodia border reflect Vietnam's position with regard to that of non-interference and peaceful settlement of regional and interventional disputes?

Answer: H.E. Mr. Le Kha Phieu, General Secretary of Vietnam Communist Party on an official visit to the Kingdom of Cambodia has received grand and cordial welcome by His Majesty King Norodom Sihanouk, leaders of the Parliament and Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia and a great number of Phnom Penh people. This vividly reflects the profound friendliness of the Cambodian people extended to the Vietnamese people and leaders. This is an event of historical significance, ushering in a new stage of development in the relations of unity, friendship and traditional co-operation between Vietnam and Cambodia, in line with the aspiration and interests of the two countries' peoples, contributing to promoting the trend of peace, security, friendship and co-operation in the region.

In a series of issues discussed during this visit, the two sides agreed to resolve through negotiations some remaining aspects of the countries' border issues by the year 2000. This proves that the two countries share a desire to resolve differences by peaceful means and build Vietnam-Cambodia border into one of friendship. In that atmosphere, we see it irrelevant to comment on such out-of-tune action by a very small number of the above-said students.