Caring for Children in the Interests of the Nation

Vietnam is a young nation. Nearly 40 per cent of our population are children. Thirty million young Vietnamese citizens form the abundant labour source for the country in the future. "Children today, the world tomorrow" - the world's slogan of action for children, is also the principle reflected in the line and policies on child care and education of the Vietnamese Party and Government.

Our Uncle shared this view. In the atrocious war of resistance against the French colonialists, he said, "Today you are children and tomorrow you will be masters of the State and the world." Who will care for the cause of nurturing men and women for the nation in the new millennium if we do not do it today!

Respecting old people and loving young children is the tradition and morality of the Vietnamese nation. Enjoying the gains of the socialist regime and achievements of the renovation process, and receiving the care and protection of the Party, State and the whole society, children have made progress in all fields.

Many examples have been set for children to follow of excellent achievements in studies, often by poor children, and courage in saving their friends lives or protecting socialist property. A young generation, very intelligent, healthy, well educated and kind hearted is the pride and hope of the Vietnamese people and country. However, children are facing difficulties. There remain difficulties and challenges in child care, protection, and education.

"Giving priority to children" has been realised in Party and Government policies, socio-economic targets, plans of action of branches and mass organisations, schools and families. While the people