To American Business Community,

We have the honor to inform you that the 2006 APEC Summit, a gathering of leaders from 21 member economies, will be hosted in Hanoi this November. This is one of the most crucial events in Vietnam's external relations, reaffirming the Vietnamese Government's determination to integrate dynamically and actively into the world and regional economy and to enhance its position in the international arena.

To welcome the APEC Summit Week from November 11th - 18th this year, a Vietnam APEC Trade Fair will be organized in Ho Chi Minh City from November 11th - 19th under the patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam.

The Vietnam APEC Trade Fair provides a great opportunity for representatives of member economies and associations to showcase their products and services and to promote cooperation in technology transfer and trade. This will also be a concrete activity to raise public awareness of APEC and boost economic ties among businesses in Asia-Pacific.

On this occasion, we would like to invite you as representative(s) of organizations and enterprises from APEC member economies to the Vietnam APEC Trade Fair 2006. Your participation will surely contribute to the overall success of the 2006 APEC Summit.

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