Ambassador's remarks on National Day Celebration

Remarks by Ambassador Nguyen Tam Chien
At the Reception
on the Occasion of the 59th Anniversary of National Day
2251 R Street, 6:30 p.m., 8/9/2004

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my honor and pleasure to welcome all our friends here this evening to the celebration of the 59th Anniversary of Vietnam’s Independence. I acknowledge with gratitude the presence many old friends from the Hill, the Administration, the business sector, the think-tanks, the press, the diplomatic corps., and friends. No matter how different our positions and careers, we all share the interest in working to advance the Vietnam-US friendship. And I appreciate your sharing with us our joyfulness and your support and contributions to the growing ties between Vietnam and the United States.

As we celebrate our National Day, we are proud of Vietnam’s new achievements in its comprehensive reforms and in its foreign policy of openness and being a friend and a reliable partner of all countries in the world.

We are glad to see our bilateral relationship continues to develop in all fields. Since the implementation of the BTA, trade and economic relations have become more matured. It is matured in two ways. On the one hand, trade volume has increased rapidly. Goods that are marked “Made in Vietnam” selling in the US market and “Made in USA” commodities and technologies in Vietnam are bringing our two peoples closer and closer together. In a short period of time, Vietnam is put on a stiff learning curve of trade disputes and gradually getting used to them in conducting business with a new and challenging partner! Please rest assured that Vietnam can always meet the challenge when it is treated equally as every partner else.

On the other, US businesses have become more understanding of Vietnam’s needs and shown more patience – something necessary – to an emerging market that promises great opportunities.

We also see new developments in the policy and strategic dialogues, in the expansion of cooperation in the fight against terrorism, cross-border crimes, demining, in HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, in MIA efforts and in cooperation in science and technology, education, and many other areas. It is my belief that with the increase of mutual understanding and trust, we can work together in tackling all issues, even complicated and sensitive ones.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are approaching the 10th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Vietnam and the United States. In the past 9 years, our two countries have made tremendous efforts and have gone a long way. It is high time we put to the front burner the task of building a framework for long-term ties. It requires joint efforts from you, me, and anyone who cares about peace and prosperity of our two nations. Vietnam is committed to building a strong relationship with the United States.

Thank you.