Ambassador Le Cong Phung Meets the Press

On the occasion of presenting his credentials to US President George W. Bush and of Vietnamese DS gap bao chi -cuong 1_1.jpgLunar New Year - Tet, Vietnamese Ambassador Le Cong Phung hosted a cordial first meeting with journalists and correspondents from various US, international and Vietnamese-language media organizations, including the Washington Post, the USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, the National Public Radio, the Public Broadcasting System, AP, Reuters, AFP, Nguoi Viet...

During the 60 minute informal, frank and open exchange held at the Embassy of Vietnam in Washington DC, the Ambassador briefed the media on recent socio-economic development in Vietnam, the country's foreign policy and regional and international integration and its relations with the US.

The Ambassador also informed the media his agenda priorities which focus on continued promotion of bilateral ties with the US in different areas, especially economics, trade and investment, educational and technical cooperation. Ambassador Phung said he would do utmost to lift the Viet Nam-US ties to a new height and increase cooperation and dialogues between the two countries in order to ensure prosperity, stability, peace and cooperation for the two peoples. He also stressed on the importance of frequent and open contact with fellow Vietnamese living in the US.