III.1 Agriculture

III.1.1. High tech agriculture complex

72. High-tech Agriculture Complex Number 1

73. High-tech Agriculture Complex Number 2

74. High-tech Agriculture Complex No 3

75   Hi-tech agriculture complex

76. High-tech Agriculture Complex

77. AGOPARK High-tech Agriculture Complex

78. Long Phu high-tech agriculture Complex

79. Moc Chau high-tech agriculture complex

80. Agriculture high-tech application Center


III.1.2. Planting

81. High quality paddy

82. Farms for Seed and plant

83. High quality vegetable and fruits

84. Specialized flower area

85. Phuc Trach grapefruit and Huong Son orange development

86. Organic fertiliser production factory

87. High-grade tea processing

88. Development of bamboo and rattan areas

89. Farms for breed livestock

90. Farming organic vegetable and fruit for export, milk- ranch in Dak Tang

91. Growing coffee

92. Development of Red River seedling centre


III.1.3. Animal husbandry

93. Beef cattle farms

94. Development of concentrated livestock farms

95. Producing breeding and commercial pigs combined with building meat plant for export

96. Development of beef farms

97. Centre of slaughter-house

98. Animal feed processing plant

99. Agricultural technical worker training centre


III.2 Fisheries

100. Fishery centre and industrial clusters for fisheries promotion

101. Shipbuilding plant using new materials

102. Cold water Fish farming

103. Vam Lang fishing port

104. Shrimp processing and hi-tech seafood processing and farming

105. Raft-based fish farming on Son La reservoir

106. Farming and processing sturgeon


III.3 Forestry

107. VINAFOR production plant

108. VINAFOR  plan

109. Industrial timber processing plant

110. Afforestation to supply materials to produce MDF, wood pulp, woodwork

111. Plywood processing plant

112. Building paper production plant

113. Top-grade timber processing plant

114. Development and Reserve The Word’s Biosphere Zone in the west of Nghe An province

115. MDF- VINAFOR Plan