Ambassador Nguyen Quoc Dzung's start-of-term message

Ambassador Nguyen Quoc Dzung on February 22, 2022 sent his start-of-term message to the American partners, friends and people. 




Full text of the message:

Warmest greetings to you all, 


I have just assumed the position of Ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam to the United States of America, which is a great honour to me. 


I am delighted and proud of the dynamic developments of the Viet Nam-U.S comprehensive partnership. Time tested, our bilateral relations, having overcome challenges and differences, now reach a comprehensive level, with cooperation being expanded to all spheres.


I am fully confident that with active efforts from both sides, the Viet Nam- U.S comprehensive partnership will grow in depths and in breadths, serving as building blocks for us to intensify mutually beneficial cooperation and reaching further beyond to a new height. 


We will work closely to maintain sustainable trade and economic links that remain the cornerstone of our relations; giving priority to cooperation in war legacy relief efforts for continued confidence-building, expanding and deepening cooperation in other areas that serve the best interests of our peoples.     


We also wish to further strengthen cooperation between Viet Nam and the U.S within multilateral fora, working together in addressing regional and international issues, including within the frameworks of ASEAN-U.S Strategic Partnership, U.S-Mekong Partnership, APEC, the U.N, to name a few. Through these joint efforts, we can make practical contribution to maintaining peace, stability, friendship as well as promoting cooperation and development in the Southeast Asian region and the world at large.  


The 2.2 million thriving Vietnamese Americans community in the U.S has made important contributions to the development of our bilateral relations, bringing our two countries closer. The warm sentiments of the overseas Vietnamese community toward their homeland and their valuable support to fellow countrymen, especially during times of difficulties like the COVID-19 pandemic are highly treasured and appreciated. I personally wish to receive the active support and assistance from the Vietnamese Americans community during my Ambassador’s tenure. 


Taking this opportunity, I also extend my warmest congratulations to my predecessor, Ambassador Ha Kim Ngoc, for having successfully completed his term overcoming a challenging time of complexities caused by COVID-19. 


My dear friends, 


It is fortunate for me to arrive in Washington D.C during spring time, a perfect season for blooms, vitality and hopes. I will do my best, together with my colleagues at the Embassy and with your active support, I hope, to keep contributions to the ever growth of the Viet Nam-U.S relations. 


Thank you very much./.