Important advice for travelers to Vietnam: Measures undertaken by Government  to counter coronavirus outbreak


Important travel advice for travelers to Vietnam on measures undertaken by Vietnamese Government to counter coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak: 


Temporary suspension of all flights to and from Chinese mainland affected by the outbreak, starting at 01:30 PM (local Vietnam time) on February 1, 2020. Connecting flights via Taiwan and Hong Kong are still operational to date.


Temporary suspension of tourist visa approval for all travellers who have been physically present in China during the 14- day period prior to their tentative entry into Vietnam, except for official missions.


Temporary closure of border crossing by travel documents for tourist purpose between Vietnam and China.


Quarantine for all travelers who come from or have physically been to 31 cities/provinces of China during the 14-day period prior to their entry into Vietnam. Strict quarantine will be undertaken immediately for those who are confirmed infected by coronavirus or show symptoms of infection./.(