Photo Exhibition on Agent Orange effects in Vietnam on display

Ha Noi, Nov. 11 (VNA) -- Images of Vietnamese Agent Orange victims, taken 25 years after the American war which blighted their lives, are now on display in a European centre.

A photo exhibition of these long-suffering people is being held in the city of Luxembourg, co-sponsored by the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg's Ministry of Co-operation and Charitable Activities and Switzerland's Caritas Fund, in co-operation with the Luxembourg Red Cross.

The exhibition forms part of a series of activities organized by the Caritas Fund to highlight Agent Orange's long-lasting effects in Viet Nam.

Professor Le Cao Dai, executive director of the Viet Nam Red Cross's Fund for Agent Orange Victims, has been invited to participate in these activities.

Viet Nam's Ambassador to Luxembourg Ton Nu Thi Ninh, representatives of the US Embassy in Luxembour, and the Archbishop of Luxembourg were also present at the exhibition.--