Vietnam supports cooperation with IAEA

Nov. 7 (VNA) -- Hoang Chi Trung, Counsellor of Viet Nam's Permament Representation at the United Nations on Nov. 6 expressed Viet Nam's support for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in its control and monitoring of the implementation of agreements on the safe use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes in member countries in line with IAEA's safety standards.

Speaking at a discussion on IAEA's report within the framework of the 55th UN General Assembly, Mr.Trung, however, made it clear that these operations should not violate national sovereignty and that the monitors should strictly abide by the rules and principles for inspection operations as well as the agreements on inspection signed between IAEA and member countries.

Mr.Trung made Viet Nam's pledge to boost cooperation with IAEA and other member countries in materialising the agency's goals.

He took this opportunity to express thanks to IAEA and some developed member countries for their assistance to Viet Nam in applying atomic energy for development of health care and agriculture as well as their help in ensuring safety. Trung said he hoped IAEA would continue to give financial and expertise assistance to developing countries in sharing the use of atomic energy achievements for peaceful purposes.