Overseas Vietnamese to enjoy one price in Vietnam

Ha Noi, Jan. 19 (VNA) -- Overseas Vietnamese will pay the same for services and public transport as homeland Vietnamese, says the Foreign Ministry's Commission for Overseas Vietnamese.

The change is part of the effort to encourage more investment from overseas Vietnamese.

Commission Chairman Nguyen Dinh Bin says the one-price policy is likely to be applied in the first quarter of this year.

Help given to Agent Orange victims

Ha Noi, Jan. 20 (VNA) -- Hundreds of Agent Orange victims in Ha Noi have benefited from a programme launched by the city's Red Cross, Farmers and Gardeners Associations as part of their joint effort to relieve the victims' suffering.

A three-phase programme that kicked off in 1997 has provided victims with capital and know-how to help improve their daily life by practising gardening and farming work.

Air route linking Thailand, Laos, Vietnam to be opened

Ha Noi, Jan. 21 (VNA) -- Commercial representatives of the nine northern provinces of Thailand have agreed to open a new international air route linking Thailand, Viet Nam and Laos from February, 2001.

The new international air route will be established in accordance with an agreement on economic and transport cooperation reached between China, Thailand, Laos and Viet Nam last year.

Traditional Lunar festivals in Vietnam

Ha Noi, Jan. 21 (VNA) -- Similar to other Asian countries, Viet Nam has several annual fetes and festivals, the most exciting being the Lunar New Year or Tet.

All of the traditional Vietnamese festivals follow the lunar calendar and the new moon is celebrated every month of the year. The most important of these, of course, is the Lunar New Year known as Tet Nguyen Dan.

Hanoi Flag pole as a national cultural and historical relic

Ha Noi, Jan. 21 (VNA) -- Long considered one of the most famous sights in the capital, the Thang Long-Ha Noi flag pole has been standing for over a century now. At a height of 34 metres, it towers over every other building in the capital, and has been classified as a national cultural and historical relic.

PetroVietnam production projection in 2001

Ha Noi, Jan. 18(VNA) -- The Viet Nam Oil and Gas Corporation (PetroVietnam) plans to pump 16 million tonnes of crude oil and bring ashore 1.8 billion cubic metres of gas in 2001.

PetroVietnam last year had pumped more than 16 million tonnes of crude oil, 5,000 tonnes more than 1999 and brought ashore 1.55 billion cubic metres of gas, including 1.2 billion cubic metres for the production of electricity.

As a result, the company earned almost USD 3.5 billion from the export of 15.4 million tonnes of crude oil.

Vietnam attends ASEAN tourism conference

Ha Noi, Jan. 17 (VNA) -- A Viet Nam Tourism Administration (VTA) delegation led by VTA Deputy Director General Pham Tu attended the fourth conference of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) tourism officials held in Brunei from Jan. 9-16.

Participants appraised the achievements by ASEAN countries in the past year when ASEAN welcomed 37,534 million international visitors, 9.5 percent more than 1999.

Viet Nam achieved the highest increase -20 percent- or 2.13 million international tourists.

10,300 drug - related offences in 2000

Ha Noi, Jan. 17 (VNA) -- Viet Nam's authorised forces detected as many as 10,300 drug-related offences last year, arresting 19,500 offenders, according to the Anti-drug Office.

They seized 60 kgs of heroin, more than 560 kgs of opium, 2,200 kgs of marijuana and 119,460 ampoules of addictive drugs.

The Anti-drug Office said that the fight against drug-related criminals proved to be very complicated with drug traffickers using new forms of trafficking.

PetroVietnam production in 2000


Ha Noi, Jan. 17 (VNA) -- The State highly valued the achievements recorded by the oil and gas industry, said Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Manh Cam.

Mr. Cam praised the results of the industry's operations at a conference held by the Viet Nam Oil and Gas Corporation (PetroVietnam) in Ha Noi on Jan. 16 to launch the industry's tasks in 2001.

He said that although the oil and gas industry is young, it has registered strong growth over the past 25 years.

General Secretary speech after 11th Plenum

Ha Noi, Jan. 17 (VNA) -- Party General Secretary Le Kha Phieu reiterated the unswerving determination of the entire Party and people to advance the country along the path of socialist construction on the basis of Marxism-Leninism and the Ho Chi Minh Thought.