Nhan Dan' commentary on recommendations of US CIRF

Ha Noi, May 3 (VNA) -- Turning its back on public opinions, the U.S. Commission for International Religious Freedom has made an out of tune move, worsening the gradually improved relations between Viet Nam and the U.S., says the national daily Nhan Dan (People).

FM Spokeswoman on President Bush' s missile defence system

On May 3rd, 2001, asked about Viet Nam's reaction to U.S President G. Bush's decision to deploy the national missile defence (NMD) system, Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Phan Thuy Thanh said:

"Having fought against aggressive wars and suffered great losses caused by such wars, the Vietnamese people fully share the aspiration of the regional and world peoples for peace, stability and development.

Viet Nam supports for all efforts to achieve all-round and complete disarmament, above all the nuclear disarmament.

Spokeswoman on Kerrey's admission of the killing in Thanh Phong

May 3, 2001, Foreign Ministry Spokewoman Phan Thuy Thanh answered questions of correspondent BBC and Time: Please provide comments on the accounts given by villagers about the actions committed by the former Senator Bob Kerrey's squad in Thanh Phong, Ben Tre during the Vietnam War. Does Vietnam consider these actions a war crime and What is the US responsibility in solving war legacies particularly the Agent Orange issue?


Vietnam regards US CIRF recommendations as rude intervention

Ha Noi, May 3 (VNA) -- Viet Nam's Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Phan Thuy Thanh today, May 3, described the recommendations made by the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom to the U.S. Government as a rude intervention in another country's internal affairs, which is contrary to the United Nations Charter and totally unacceptable.

FM Spokeswoman on Mr. Kerrey's admisson of killing civilians

April 26, 2001, Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Ms. Phan Thuy Thanh answered question from Reuters, DPA, AP about reaction of Vietnam on admission of Mr.Bob Kerrey of killing more than 20 civilians, most were women and children, in village Thanh Phong, district Thach Phu, province Ben Tre on on Feb. 25, 1969.


Vietnam-US commercial transaction talks

Ha Noi, April 26 (VNA) - A talk on Viet Nam-US commercial transaction was held in Ha Noi by the Viet Nam Trade Promotion Department (VIETRADE) under the Ministry of Trade.

International help in rehalibitation for deformed people

Ha Noi, April 23 (VNA) -- Viet Nam's medical cooperation with international humanitarian organizations has brought in effective results in providing rehabilitation services for children with hare lips and cleft palates and cataract sufferers.

Prominent among the international organisations are the "Operation Smile" of Australia, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, the Republic of Korea and the U.S. which have conducted free-of-charge surgery on 20,000 children with hare lips and cleft palates since 1995.

Politburo & Secretariat members of the CPV IX tenure

Ha Noi, April 22 (VNA) -- Nong Duc Manh was elected General Secretary of the Communist Party of Viet Nam (CPV) Central Committee, ninth tenure, at its first plenary session.

The Central Committee elected 15 members of the Political Bureau, four secretaries to form a nine-member Secretariat which includes five Political Bureau members, and a nine-member Inspection Board headed by Mr Le Hong Anh.

Hereunder are the lists of the Political Bureau, the Secretariat and the Inspection Board of the CPV Central Committee:

FM Spokeswoman rebut letter of the US CI Religious Freedom

On April 9, 2001, Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman, Ms. Phan Thuy Thanh answers question from DPA: Please comment on the recent letter by Elliot Abrams, chairman of the US Commission on International Religious Freedom to Secretary of the Treasury Paul O'Neill recommending that the United States withhold its support for IMF and WB loans to the government of Vietnam on "religious grounds".


President George Bush extends condolences on Vietnamese victims

Ha Noi, April 14 (VNA) -- US President George W. Bush has extended his condolences to President Tran Duc Luong on the death of Vietnamese crew and officials in a helicopter that crashed in central Quang Binh province last weekend.

In his April 12 letter to President Luong, the US President expressed thanks to Viet Nam and high appreciation of Viet Nam's cooperation in searching American servicemen reported missing in action (MIA).