Perfect, thank you again for being so quick to respond and so helpful! I appreciate it! Have a good one!C. Cheney


This is amazing! Thank you so much for your help. The information on the visa arrival letter is correct! I will follow the instructions per your email. I was so worried because I thought it was too late to fix my Mom's visa. We will have an amazing vacation now. Xin cảm ơn! BestTravis


You are the best - thank you so much! I got the visa on FedEx...  great work, and so fast.  I'll send you several more applications the same way we did mine” - “You truly are the best A. V - Nebraska Department of Agriculture


Thank you.  You've been very helpful and efficientFr. T.McD, Pastor St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic Church

Thank you so much for your fast response. I checked with my husband and it did arrive. We are super excited to visit your beautiful country for the first time. And I wanted to say, working with the Vietnamese Embassy to get a visa has been a very positive experience. Have a great day! With appreciationA


“What a lovely surprise to have first thing in the morning. You have made my day! What a relief, I feel like a big load has been lifted off my shoulders. I hope you will send it to me the fastest and safest way possible, I leave for Vietnam next Monday the 24th and would love to receive it before the weekend. I appreciate so much your handling this. With much appreciation! Thank you so much for the prompt handling of my visa application. I am very impressed, it took less than a week from the time I sent it til you returned it, beautifully stamped. I wish I could send you all a big bouquet of roses, or a big box of chocolates. You have saved the day- and my trip. I just came home after running errands and saw the package on my doorstep. I didn't open it right away, I knew what it was, I wanted to enjoy the anticipation. As you can imagine I had been feeling very concerned.  But all the time I knew the Embassy of  Vietnam would come through. I am so looking forward to my trip. I enjoyed my previous trip and knew I would return. Now I can concentrate on learning some of the language and getting ready for my trip.  This will be my second trip to Vietnam, I am so excited to be able to return. Thank you all so much”  Joanne U.


“Hi, A quick note to say I have received the VISA leaf just now by Fedex. I am very impressed by your exceptional customer service. So far, the best experience I have ever had with any Embassy consular division! Thanks again for going the extra mile! Best  T.T - Ph.D., Fulbright Specialist Scholar, Organization Development & Knowledge Management, Schar School of Policy and Government


“I wanted to let you know that the visa was here when I got back to Connecticut last night.   I also wanted to thank you and to tell you that I have had occasion to work with the consular services section of almost every embassy from Southeast and East Asia that there is and I have never received more competent, professional, and sympathetic service from an embassy than I received from the Consular Services section of the Embassy of Vietnam in Washington D.C.   You guys do your job and you do it VERY well. Sincere thanks and sincere regards!”  M.T - Professor of Southeast Asian History. Dept. of History, Southern Connecticut State Univ


“Thanks again,  you've been so helpful! Truly appreciate it!”  N.K Lasky


"I am writing to express my gratitude to your excellent team in your Washington, DC Visa Section. I had originally planned to go to Vietnam on May 15 until May 22, the period which was covered by my current visa to Vietnam. Due to work schedule requirements, I had to change my travel dates to June 6 through 14. My visa will expire on June 5. In a panic mode, I sent my questions to the Washington Visa Office expecting that I might hear back from them by Monday (I leave for China on Tuesday, May 21). Your excellent staff replied to me and thoroughly answered my inquiries by Saturday morning, only a few hours after my inquiry e-mail! I will be applying to renew my visa on Monday and, it seems that all will be in order. I wanted to send this quick note and let you know how impressed I am with professionality, care, and diligence of your Visa Section staff. This experience makes me even more convinced that Vietnam is the destination for me, personally, to go to for tourism and to continue taking my students for site visits."  Prof. Dr. J.H - Marquette University, Graduate School of Management