Entry and Exit Procedures


Any foreigner or overseas Vietnamese wishing to visit Vietnam must fill out one 1 entry visa application form. The paperwork must be sent to a Vietnamese diplomatic representative office (the embassies), or consulate general of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, in the most convenient country.

This rule may not be applied for citizens of countries with which Vietnam has bilateral agreements for visa exemption. (Please contact the Embassy of Vietnam for more information).


  • All visitors to Vietnam should fill in declaration forms and show their luggage to Customs officials on request.
  • Luggage, personal possessions and goods brought to Vietnam in amounts sufficient for personal use only, and not listed among noncommercial goods not to be imported, are exempt from tax.
  • Travelers' luggage as declared at Customs offices on arrival must be shown again at Customs when leaving Vietnam, except for articles which have been consumed or given as gifts.
  • Visitors to Vietnam can bring with them unlimited amounts of foreign currency, objects made of gold, silver, precious metals and gemstones or plated with silver or gold, but these must be declared in detail on their customs forms. Travelers can change their money for Vietnamese dong (VND) at the banks, hotels and jewelry shops throughout the country. Foreign currency must be changed into Vietnamese dong for shopping.
  • Travelers can take with them unlimited amounts of souvenirs bought with receipts.