Workshop on economic impact of Vietnam-US trade agreement

Ha Noi, Oct. 12 (VNA) -- The economic impact of the Viet Nam-US Trade Agreement and World Trade Organization (WTO) was the theme of a workshop held in Ha Noi on Oct. 12 by the National Committee for International Economic Cooperation (NCIEC).

The workshop attracted Vietnamese and US economists and diplomats, and Vietnamese entrepreneurs.

Though the Viet Nam-US Trade Agreement had yet to be ratified by the two countries' parliaments, Vietnamese businesses had made active preparations for the implementation of the agreement, said Luong Van Tu, Deputy Trade Minister and NCIEC General Secretary, at the seminar.

Participants exchanged views on issues relating to the impact of the agreement on Viet Nam's economy and its joining regional and international commercial institutions, particularly the WTO.

The Viet Nam-US Trade Agreement and opportunities for exports and investment, protection of intellectual property and challenges for Viet Nam on its way to full participation in the WTO were also discussed