Vietnam's Envoy Departs the US on High Note

U.S. administration officials and Congress members conveyed through the outgoing Vietnamese Ambassador Nguyen Tam Chien their regards and congratulations to the Vietnamese leaders on Vietnam’s achievements, especially its accession to the WTO and its election with overwhelming votes to the UN Security Council.


Ambassador Nguyen Tam Chien and Madame Nguyen Lien Huong with President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush (Courtesy: White House)

The Ambassador, who completes his tenure this week, have also had various meetings with representative of American businesses as well as friends and the Vietnamese communities in the US.

During the meetings, US officials and congressmen noted with satisfaction the important progress in the Vietnam-US relationship in recent years, highlighted by historic visits by leaders of the two countries, and by such milestones as the Bilateral Trade Agreement (BTA) in 2000, The Bilateral Agreement on Vietnam’s accession to the WTO in May 2006, the Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) between Vietnam and the US in December 2006... The US side expressed their confidence that under the legal frameworks for political and economic relations, set forth in June 2005 and November 2006 high level joint statements, and mechanisms for dialogue and cooperation in other areas, Vietnam - US relationship has ushered in a new chapter of stable, long term and forward looking partnership and friendship. They agreed that economic, trade and investment ties have become the bases for the bilateral relationship and that increased dialogue and trust produce effective ways for addressing outstanding and emerging issues.

Administration officials and congress members also offered high appreciation for Vietnam’s pro-action and efforts in promoting bilateral ties in over the past years and showed their strong optimism for future of the bilateral relations.

The US-Vietnam Trade Council and various US corporations hosted meetings to bid farewell to Ambassador Nguyen Tam Chien. Vietnam, they said, is in spotlight for its economic success and has emerged as business and investment destination that US corporates are strongly interested in.

Before his departure for Hanoi, Ambassador Nguyen Tam Chien visited and bid farewell to fellow Vietnamese living in Washington DC, Virginia, California and other states, who shared their delightment toward the country’s growth and the fine developments in Vietnam – US relations. Vietnam's recent policies toward its country men overseas, they noted, are making them feel greatly encouraged.