Vietnam, US continue Human Rights Dialogue

Vietnam and the United States held the 13th round of dialogue on human rights in Hanoi on May 29.

The US delegation led by Assistant Secretary of State on human rights, democracy and labour, David Kramer while the Vietnamese delegation was led by the Assistant Minister for Foreign Affairs Doan Xuan Hung.

“The Vietnamese State has always considered the promotion of human rights for all in Vietnam a priority, the foundation and a consistent ideology in writing its policies and legal system,” the Vietnamese head delegate said.

After reviewing major progress made in bilateral relations in the recent years, Hung said Vietnam is ready for open, frank and constructive dialogues on issues of mutual concern, including human rights.

These dialogues should be conducted in the principles of equality and mutual respect in an effort to increase understanding and narrow the gap of differences, thus contributing to a framework of cooperation in the interest of both nations, he said.

The Vietnamese delegation informed the US guests of the nation’s achievements in all fields of social life, especially in economic and socio-cultural development, legal reforms, freedom of religion and in ensuring the basic rights and freedom of citizens.

The Vietnamese delegation openly criticised some groups in the US for their one-sided and non-objective views on the reality and positive progress made by Vietnam in the fields of democracy, human rights and religion.

They said some groups and individuals have intentionally showed their hostile viewpoints against Vietnam which are counter to the US Government’s policies and bilateral relation trend. They have also made numerous attempts to sabotage Vietnam , thus hindering the development in bilateral relations.

The US delegation noted Vietnam ’s comprehensive achievements, including progress made in democracy, human rights and religion.

They said the dialogue took place in an open, constructive and serious atmosphere, helping the US side further understand the human rights situation in Vietnam .

They agreed to continue coordination of action with Vietnam in an effort to boost bilateral relations in various fields.-