Vietnam, US agreed to extend LOU on labor cooperation: Press Release

On 06 August 2008 in Washington D.C., the Ministry of Labor- Invalids and Social Affairs of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam and the Department of Labor of United States of America agreed to extend the Letter of Understanding, which was signed on 17 August 2006, on continuing labor cooperation with for four more years until 17 August 2012. Accordingly, both sides plan to run labor dialogues and cooperation activities on the issues of concern, including improvement of industrial relations, labor legislation and regulations, labor inspection and enforcement, promotion of employment service and social safety net, prevention of HIV/AIDS at workplace, prevention and elimination of exploitative child labor and human trafficking, and protection of migrant workers.

Both sides also discussed preparations for the 6th Labor Dialogue between Viet Nam and United States of America, which is expected take place in October 2008, with the objective of contributing to the cooperation relationship between the two countries.