Vietnam Television programs in North America

From April 27, 2000, Vietnam Television will begin to air its daily 4-hour programs in North America, which includes Canada and the USA. It is necessary to own a satellite dish in order to receive the programs. Following is the technical specification for the reception:

Satellite Name: Telstar-5 Ku-band

Size of receiver: 80 cm and up
Orbital Location: 97 degree W
Transponder No: xp 8
Uplink Frequency: 14,174 MHz

Downlink Frequency: 11,874MHz

Downlink Polarization: Horizontal

Digital: MCPC
Feed: Linear
Symbol rate: 22,000 M symbol
FEC: 3/4
Time: 9pm-1am (Eastern time) i.e. 6pm-10pm (Pacific time)