Vietnam returns more American servicemen remains

Ha Noi, Feb. 8 (VNA) -- The remains of four American servicemen listed as missing in action were given to the US Full Accounting Joint Task Force by representatives of the Viet Nam Office Seeking Missing Persons in Ha Noi on Feb. 8.

The remains were found by joint Vietnamese-U.S. teams during the 63th joint search for MIAs from Oct. 30-Nov. 28, 2000 and underwent primary forensic tests in Ha Noi by both U.S. and Vietnamese scientists.

The return of the remains means that Viet Nam, since 1973, has returned 81 batches of American MIA remains, accounting for 779 servicemen killed in action in the American war.

The U.S. Government representative thanked Viet Nam and praised its humanitarian policy and effective cooperation in the search for American MIAs when the remains were returned.--VNA