Viet Nam, US Discuss Further Sci-tech Cooperation

Viet Nam and the US have continued discussions about science and technology cooperation in Washington D.C. During DS_Phungtheir sixth Joint Commission Meeting on Scientific and Technological Cooperation (JCM), the two countries have put forward the challenges and priorities for future cooperation. Topics in focus include health care, information technology, oceanography, natural resource-environment and biodiversity, new materials resources, agriculture and microbiological technology, education and scientific research. The sixth JCM, lasting from February 25-28, attracts more than 50 Vietnamese participants from 17 Vietnamese ministries, government agencies and research institutes and representatives from 40 US ministries and institutes. The meeting is held under the Viet Nam-US BTA. Within the JCM framework, a workshop on science, technology and initiatives for the 21st century was held on February 25.