US Hospital Ship Peleliu Undertakes Humanitarian Activities

Peleliu.bmpThe US hospital ship Peleliu arrived in the central city of Da Nang on July 15 to undertake humanitarian assistance as part of the Pacific Partnership.

The USS Peleliu, equipped with six operation tables, 15 recuperation beds and around 300 patient beds, is manned by 1,440 people, including hundreds of medical personnel from various countries such as the US, Singapore, Japan, Canada and Malaysia.

During its 10-day stay in Da Nang, the Peleliu Pacific Partnership team will provide medical examination and treatment at community healthcare centres and inquire into how the medical civil action programme (MEDCAP 1), the dental civil action programme (DENCAP 1) and activities to upgrade healthcare establishments (ENGCAP) have been conducted in the city.

The ship spokeswoman, Christina Skacan, said while in Vietnam, the ship’s medical team would strive their best in humanitarian activities so as to boost the friendship between the people of the participating countries in the programme. (VNA)
Viet Nam handed over the remains of three American soldiers who were missing in action from the Viet Nam War

Viet Nam handed over the remains of three American soldiers who were missing in action from the Viet Nam War to US officials at a ceremony at Da Nang International Airport, central Da Nang city, on July 25. DaNang_064.jpg

Attending the ceremony, for the Vietnamese side were representatives from Viet Nam Office for Seeking Missing Persons (VNOSMP) and, for the US side were US Ambassador to Viet Nam Michael Marine, the Consul General to Ho Chi Minh City, Representative from MIA Office in Ha Noi and Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC).

After signing the Process-Verbal, the Vietnamese Government Representative handed over to the US Government Representative three boxes of remains which were recovered during the 89th Joint Field Activities (JFA) from June to July 2007.

Those remains were jointly reviewed and concluded by Vietnamese and US forensic specialists that they might be associated with the US servicemen missing during the war in Viet Nam and recommended to be brought to Hawaii, United States, for further review.

This is the 104th hand-over of American missing servicemen's remains since 1973.

Addressing at the ceremony, the US Government representative expressed deep gratitude and high appreciation for the steadfast humanitarian policy, good-will and the increasingly efficient cooperation of the Vietnamese Government and people.

Since 1975, 863 American missing persons have been identified, including 616 remains repatriated from Viet Nam, 215 from Laos, 29 from Cambodia and three from China.