US companies show confidence in Vietnam

US companies believe that Vietnam will overcome the present economic difficulties, US Ambassador to Vietnam Michael Michalak said.

US companies believe the difficulties are only temporary ones, and the Vietnamese government’s economic management is presently good, the Ambassador told media in Hanoi on June 19.

According to Ambassador Michalak, US companies pay great attention to the Vietnamese market, especially in the long-term.

This is reflected by a great number of US companies who arrived in Vietnam in 2007 as well as during the first months of this year, he said.

The Ambassador’s remark echoes comments made by Assistant Secretary of the US Department of Commerce, Israel Hernandez, who is leading a US Trade Mission visiting Vietnam from June 16-20.

The mission’s head said on June 16 that US companies accompanying him, including the leading ones of not only the US but also the world, go to Vietnam to study the possibility of doing the long-term business in the country.

There were many companies that registered to attend a trade mission headed by Secretary of the US Department of Commerce, Carlos Gutierrez, to Vietnam in 2007, and it was unable to satisfy all registrations, Ambassador Michalak said.

This is one reason, among others, why the US side decided to hold the ongoing visit of the US Trade Mission. Referring to the US-Vietnam trade ties, the Ambassador said he would not be surprised if the two-day trade turnover between the two sides exceeds 12 billion USD, the figure they reached in 2007.