US Commerce Secretary Believes in Stronger US-Viet Nam Ties

US Secretary of Commerce Carlos M. Gutierrez has expressed belief that the relationship between the US and Viet Nam will continue to grow and get even stronger, especially in the economic front. Gutierrez.jpg

“We can help grow both economies and we can contribute to the tremendous changes and the improvements that are happening in the economy of Viet Nam,” Gutierrez told a Viet Nam News Agency correspondent on November 2 before leading a delegation of more than 20 US companies to Viet Nam.

“This is a relationship between two sovereign, independent countries that see a mutual benefit in having a partnership and doing more commerce together and improving the life of citizens in both countries,” the US Secretary of Commerce added.

Secretary of Commerce Gutierrez said the purpose of his visit to Viet Nam from November 4-8 is to develop the relationship between companies from both countries, adding that “this is a perfect time because it is the important transition that Viet Nam is undertaking in its economy”.

“Viet Nam is a very fast growing economy. And we believe that more investment these companies will be exploring can help this economy continue to grow,” the US Secretary of Commerce noted.