US assists research on environment in Ho Chi Minh city

Ha Noi, Nov. 30 (VNA) -- The U.S. Government has given Ho Chi Minh City equipment to analyse dust in the air worth USD 10,000.

The equipment was presented to the city's Science, Technology and Environment Service by the U.S. Consulate General, the U.S. Agency for Environmental Protection and the California Natural Resources Office on Nov. 30.

The donation was part of the U.S.-Asia Environment Programme (U.S.-AEP).

American experts will teach Vietnamese technicians how to use the equipment and process information about the environment from the Internet.

The city's Science, Technology and Environment Service has implmented several projects to assess the city's water and air, especially in over crowded areas during the past two years. However, four of the city's environment analysing centres are overloaded.-