US aid package to flood victims in Mekong delta

Oct. 18 (VNA)-- A flight of the Air Force of the US Secretary of Defense arrived in Ho Chi Minh City today, Oct. 18, transporting 5.4 tonnes of emergency aid from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to help flood victims in Mekong delta provinces.

The USD 200,000 aid package, including plastic cloth to make shelters for about 4,000 people, was transferred immediately to the flooded areas.

Another two flights carrying aid from USAID are expected to land in Viet Nam on Oct. 20, bringing 13 jet boats and two water filters.

The Central Board for Flood and Storm Control reported on Oct. 12 that floods in the Mekong delta had claimed 340
lives, submerged 814,757 homes and given nearly 800,000 children a break from school.

The board estimated the region's damages at VND 3,287 billion, including a total loss of 12,964 ha of rice and damage to the 77,563 ha of subsidiary food crops and orchards currently under water.