FM Spokeswoman: Vietnam protests interference

Ha Noi, Oct. 23 (VNA) -- Viet Nam is now in cooperation with the US to prepare for the first visit to Viet Nam by the US President so as the visit would bring about positive result. Viet Nam resolutely protests against acts of interference into its internal affairs and acts that do not contribute to the acceleration of the bilateral ties.

So said Spokeswoman of the Foreign Ministry Phan Thuy Thanh while answering foreign correspondents' request for Viet Nam's commentary on a letter sent to President Bill Clinton by five US senators, urging the President to "put human right pressure" on Viet Nam when he meets President Tran Duc Luong, Prime Minister Phan Van Khai and other high ranking leaders of Viet Nam.

Ms. Thanh stressed that human right is the common concern of human-being. Each nation is responsible for protecting fundamental rights of its citizens in conformity with its condition.

"Over the past years," Ms. Thanh further said, "the Vietnamese people had struggled for fundamental human rights. At present, fundamental human rights are written in Viet Nam's Constitution, are respected and protected in the Vietnamese society. Viet Nam's socio-economic achievements over the past 15 years of renovation have contributed to improving people's living condition and creating conditions for people to well implement their civil rights."

The Vietnamese and US governments are now actively preparing for the upcoming Viet Nam visit by President Bill Clinton with a view to boosting the two countries' relations under the principle of respect for each other's independence and sovereignty, equality and mutual benefit, Thanh added.

She concluded that the five US Senators' letter requesting President Bill Clinton to raise the issue of human right during his visit to Viet Nam aims to cause pressure on Viet Nam and intefere into the country's internal affairs. "It does not reflect the practical situation in Viet Nam and runs contrarily to the trend and benefit of the improvement of the two countries' relations", she stressed.