The Coalition for US-VN Trade called to send BTA to Congess

Feb. 3 (VNA) -- The Coalition for US-Viet Nam Trade has called on President George W.Bush to send the US-Viet Nam Trade Agreement to the US Congress for consideration this month, so that it can be ratified as soon as possible.

In a letter to President G. Bush dated Jan. 29 and signed by 251 firms, trade councils and representatives of businesses and associations, the coalition says it's necessary the US-Viet Nam Trade Agreement go to the Congress for ratification as soon as possible in order to accelerate the progress of US-Viet Nam relations, and help maintain strong support for US-Viet Nam trade ties.

The letter says ratification of the trade agreement will open new opportunities for both US and Vietnamese businesspeople.

Representatives of many major firms doing business with Viet Nam signed the letter. They includes Boeing, FedEx, Exxon Mobil, New York Life International, Coca-Cola, Nike, Motorola, Eastman Kodak, Cargill, Conoco, DHL, General Electric, and the Hewlett Packard Corp.--VNA