Asian cultural exchange in Ho Chi Minh city

Nov. 24 (VNA) -- People of Ho Chi Minh City, especially the youth, will have a chance to get the latest information on Asian countries and to boost the friendship and cooperation between countries in the region.

The city's Youth Cultural Palace and Union of Friendship Organizations are preparing a series of activities in response to the Asia Exchange Week welcoming the 21st century, which will be held from Dec. 3-10.

Under the theme "Asia welcomes the new millennium", the week includes talks, exhibitions, symposiums, fashion shows, music and song performances, film shows, and courses on folk songs and dances and cooking.

Speaking, writing, painting contests on the land and people of Asian-Pacific countries will be included in the week.

In particular, a forum on the internet will be held in English and Vietnamese for local and foreign students in Ho Chi Minh City during the week.

The General Consulates of China, Laos, Indonesia, Japan, India, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand have registered their programmes for the week.-