Ambassador Ha Kim Ngoc attends “Arms across America 6”


On August 25, 2018, Vietnamese Ambassador to the United States Ha Kim Ngoc attended the Career Conference and Gala Night in the framework of the "Arms across America 6" program hosted by the Vietnamese Youth and Student Association in the United States. On this occasion, Ambassador Ha Kim Ngoc also had talks with the Coordinating Board of the Association and the VietChallenge program.


Speaking at the Career Conference and Gala night, Ambassador Ha Kim Ngoc highly appreciated the theme of the seminar, "Your road, no speed limits" and said that panel discussions in the conference were very practical and delivered a strong message to all Vietnamese youth and students in the United States. Ambassador Ngoc believed that the activities of the Vietnamese Youth and Student Association in the United States, including the “Arms across America” program, have contributed positively to connecting and uniting Vietnamese youth and students throughout the United States, promoting the image of Vietnam and raising the prestige of the Vietnamese community in the United States.


The Ambassador noted proposals of the Association and expected that the Association would continue to play an active and important role in supporting Vietnamese youth and students when studying and living in the United States, respecting local laws and contributing to the development of the country as well as the Vietnam-US relations. He affirmed that the Embassy and other representative agencies of Viet Nam in the United States will continue to support the activities of the Association as well as all Vietnamese students in general during their study and work in the United States./.