Ambassador Nguyen Quoc Cuong met with the Emergency Committee for American Trade (ECAT)

Ambassador Nguyen Quoc Cuong today met with a group of US business executives to talk about TPP, US – Vietnam relations.
Speaking at the anuual meeting of the Board of the Emergency Committee for American Trade (ECAT), Ambassador Cuong welcomed the progress made during the last meeting of TPP chief negotiators in Ho Chi Minh City and the subsequent meeting of TPP Ministers in Singapore. However, he believed there is much work to be done, especially with the issue of market access. He urged the US business community to continue to support the early conclusion of a strong and well-balanced TPP agreement.
Ambassador Cuong also took time to brief the group of the current escalation of tension in the East Sea as a result of the Chinese unilateral and illegal action by placing its HY981 oil-rig deep into Vietnam’s  exclusive economic zone and since May 1 and the related aggressive behavior of Chinese ships, including military vessels in the area. Members of the business group expressed deep concern over the escalation of tension that might lead to the disruption of commerce and trade and hoped that all sides would exercise constraint and take necessary steps to de-escalate the tension. 
The US business community has also expressed high appreciation of the comprehensive measures that the Vietnamese Government has been taking to ensure the absolute security and safety of life and properties as well as the legitimate rights and interest of foreign institutions, enterprises and individuals in Viet Nam. They are encouraged that the situation in Vietnam has returned to normal and most production and business activities have resumed. 
Participants of the ECAT Board annual meeting are representatives of prominent US businesses such as General Electric, General Motors, Chrysler,  Goldman Sachs, Citi, Target, PMI, Cargill, Aflac International, Hanesbrands and others.