Nation attracts over 10 billion USD in FDI

(VNA) The country attracted 10.1 billion USD in foreign direct investment in the first seven months of the year, according to the Foreign Investment Agency (FIA) under the Ministry of Planning and Investment.
Of the sum, 53 percent was registered capital for 385 newly-licensed projects and 46 percent was additional capital for 125 existing projects. In the period, the materialised capital was worth 4.6 billion USD.
FIA said that in general FDI projects are on course to meet the goal of attracting 20 billion USD in FDI capital and disbursing 8 billion USD in 2009.
The processing and manufacturing industry attracted the largest FDI with nearly 88 billion USD, while real estate development ranked second with over 34.3 billion USD, followed by services, hotels and restaurants with 10.7 billion USD.
Taiwan has been ranked first among 87 foreign investors with 21.2 billion USD and 2,005 projects. The runners-up were the Republic of Korea with 20.1 billion USD and 2,201 projects, Malaysia with over 18 billion USD and 323 projects, and Japan with 17.6 billion USD and 1,116 projects./.