Vietnam hopeful to conclude WTO talks with more partners

Vietnam on Thursday said bilateral talks over the country’s bid to join the World Trade Organization last month yielded high hopes of concluding negotiations with six more partners within some more rounds.

From April 6 to 16, Vietnamese negotiators worked with their counterparts from Uruguay, Australia, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Turkey over the opening up of Vietnam’s goods and services market.

The negotiations in Geneva reached optimistic results, according to the Vietnamese National Committee for International Economic Cooperation. Vietnam also initialed a draft agreement with Uruguay, said the committee.

With a considerably narrower gap between Vietnam’s concessions and some partners’ requirements, the committee said Vietnam’s chances of concluding negotiations with these partners within some more rounds was realistic.

Besides, Vietnamese negotiators and the Vietnamese delegation to the United Nations have communicated with India, Columbia and Canada to prepare for bilateral negotiations in May.

10th round

The 10th round of multilateral negotiations over Vietnam’s admission to the WTO is due to take place May 18 in Geneva.

During this time, Vietnam will also conduct bilateral talks with Japan, China and South Korea.

Beginning bilateral and multilateral negotiations to join the WTO in July 1998, the country has so far concluded negotiations with Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Chile, the European Union and Singapore

(Reported by Xuan Danh – Translated by The Vinh)
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Published: 05 May, 2005, 22:21:53 (GMT+7)
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