A Breakthrough in Legal Building Program of Vietnam

Imbued with the determination of building an efficient administration, creating a favorable and transparent environment for economic development and attraction of both domestic and foreign investment, and meeting the demands of international economic integration process and accession to the World Trading Organization (WTO), Vietnam 11th National Assembly convened the 11th Session on May 5th 2005. This can be regarded as a special session which lasts half month longer than a regular session and focuses on discussing and approving various Laws. As announced by the Chairman of National Assembly, Nguyen Van An, this session will focus on discussing and approving 11 Laws which are Civil code (amended); Commercial Law (amended), Vietnam Maritime Law (amended); Pharmaceutical Law; Vietnam Railway Law, Education Law (amended); State Auditing Law; Law on Signing, Acceding to and Enforcing International Treaties; Amended and Supplemented Customs Law; Amended and Supplemented Law on Military Services; and Law on National Defense.

Besides, the National Assembly will have comments on another 12 Laws which are: Law on Tourism, Amended and Supplemented Mineral Law, Intellectual Properties Law, Law on Exercising Thrift and Anti-waste, Law on Environment Protection (amended) Law on Means of Transfer, Law on E-Transaction, Law on Housing and Accommodation, Law on Import Export Duties (amended), Law on Youth, Law on People’s Public Security, Law on Anti-Corruption to prepare and approve in the next session. Vietnam’s National Assembly is scheduled to approve more than 20 Laws and Legal Ordinances which are amended and newly stipulated.