Ambassador supported VEFFA VietNamBookDrive Campaign

Amb_Phung___Tet_001.JPGAmbassador Le Cong Phung has praised Vietnam Education Foundation fellows for their efforts in collecting books and finding resources from around the US and the world in support for the establishment of public libraries in Vietnam.  

"For me and all the staff at the Embassy, Vietnam Education Foundations Fellows Association have done a practical and lofty deed demonstrating your full responsibilities toward colleagues and friends in Vietnam," the Ambassador said in a letter sent to the group.

The Ambassador and Embassy staff also raised $1000.00 to assist the shipping of the books to Vietnam.

VEFFA launched VietNamBookDrive campaign to collect textbooks in Science and Engineering for universities in Vietnam. It joins the efforts to improve higher education in Vietnam by alleviating the lack of textbooks available to university students and researchers.

This project not only allows students and researchers in Vietnam to tap into knowledge worldwide but also builds up resources for returning students from overseas.

This project is a non-profit program which is run voluntarily by Vietnamese students around the world to help their peers at home.