Governement In Action

Prime Minister Phan Van Khai has given his approval to a plan on the further development of the telecommunications and Internet sectors during the next four years.phanvankhai_173.gif

Under the plan, telecom infrastructure in Viet Nam will be developed to the standard of other countries in the region.

The plan will prioritise telecommunications and Internet development in Viet Nam as a spearhead for GDP and jobs growth.

Telecom and Internet services are expected to bring in an annual revenue of US$3.5 billion by 2010. The sector’s growth rate was expected to surpass the nation’s general growth rate by at least 1.5 times.

The plan is also set to accelerate the universalisation of telecom and Internet services across the entire nation, with a target of having 32 to 42 telephone sets and 8 to 12 Internet subscribers for every 100 people.

All communes will have access to the national telephone network, while Internet access will be available to 70 per cent of the nation’s communes.

The plan aimed at developing a healthy competitive environment for the sector, which will also foster co-operation between the sector’s enterprises.

By 2010, the market share of new enterprises, excluding Viet Nam Post and Telecommunications Corporation, is planned to be between 40 to 50 per cent in key services such as international calls, mobile phone information and broad band Internet access.

Source - Vietnam News