New composite planks for flood-prone areas

Ha Noi, Feb. 3 (VNA) -- Scientists from the Ho Chi Minh City Materials Sub-institute of the National Natural Science and Technology Centre have successfully produced composite planks from waste materials.

These planks will be used to build houses in flood-prone areas, especially the Mekong delta because of their durability in water.

Production of one sq.m. of composite plank is estimated to cost between VND 30,000-35,000.

A plan for mass production of the planks has been approved.--

Cataract surgery for 100,000 people in this year


Ha Noi, Feb. 4 (VNA) -- Viet Nam plans to provide cataract surgery for 100,000 people this year.

The target was set at a workshop to discuss blindness prevention and ophthalmology in Vung Tau city, southern Ba Ria-Vung Tau province.

The workshop, which drew 230 professors, doctors and ophthalmologists nationwide, prove a venue for surgeons to exchange their experiences in applying the most advanced technique in eye surgery and plan to prevent blindness in 2001 and the next five years.

Regulation for employment of HIV/AIDS carriers

Ha Noi, Feb. 4 (VNA) -- The Public Health and the Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs Ministries have promulgated regulations listing occupations prohibited to HIV/AIDS carriers. They include medical services, cosmetic and orthopaedic surgery which involve employees in directly dealing with human blood and fluid.

But employers are not allowed to make employees in these occupations have HIV/AIDS tests and they are obliged to arrange suitable work for, or retrain, HIV/AIDS infected workers whose test results must be kept confidential.

Excerpts from draft report to Congress VIIII: Great Unity

(Take 4 of 4)

Ha Noi, Feb. 2 (VNA) --

VIII. Bringing into Play the Strength of All-people Great Unity

Exercising great unity among different ethnic and religious groups, classes, strata, backgrounds, sexes, ages in all parts of the country, party members and non-party people, working and retired people and all members of the Vietnamese nation whether they reside at home or abroad.

Excerpts from draft report to Congress VIIII: External relations

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Ha Noi, Feb. 2 (VNA) --

V- Development of Culture, Education-training, Science-technology and Environmental Protection

1- Development of education-training is one of the most important motives to boost the national industrialization and modernization cause, a prerequisite to human resource development, and a fundamental factor to develop society and boost economic growth rapidly and sustainably.

Excerpts from draft report to Congress VIIII: Socialism

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Ha Noi, Feb. 2 (VNA) --

III. Major Issues on the Path towards Socialism

Experiences and achievements recorded over the past 15 years of renovation have proved the soundness of the Platform approved by the Seventh CPV Congress and shed more light on the road towards socialism in Viet Nam. The Communist Party and people of Viet Nam are determined to advance towards socialism on the basis of Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh Thought.

Excerpts from draft report Congress VIIII: Prospect in future

Take 1 of 4)

Ha Noi, Feb. 2 (VNA) -- The following are excerpts from the political report drafted by the eighth Communist Party of Viet Nam (CPV) Central Committee, which will be made public on Feb. 3 for comments from the entire people before it is submitted to the ninth National CPV Congress, scheduled for March this year.

I. Viet Nam in the 20th Century and its Development Prospect in the 21st Century.

Vietnam puts regional land cable to use

Ha Noi, Feb. 2 (VNA) -- Viet Nam has put an optical-fibre cable system linking Viet Nam with China and four ASEAN countries into use, the Viet Nam Post and Telecommunications Corporation (VNPT) said.

The 7,000 km cable - which also runs through Laos, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand - would help VNPT handle hundreds of international telecom channels. In Viet Nam, the cable runs from nothern Lang Son province to central Ha Tinh province, 500 km south of Ha Noi, before connecting to neighbouring China and Laos.

PM said to increase socio-economic development

Ha Noi, Feb.2 (VNA) -- Prime Minister Phan Van Khai has described the year 2001 as the start of a stage in which Viet Nam will boost socio-economic development to match its progress to international economic integration.

"2001 must be the beginning of a stage in which Viet Nam accelerates socio-economic growth in order to make its 2001-2005 five-year plan and 2001-2010 ten-year strategy successful and match its progress to international integration, including its fully-fledged entry into the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) by 2006", Khai said.

More than 112,880 people become party members in 2000

Ha Noi, Feb. 2 (VNA) -- More than 112,880 people joined the Communist Party of Viet Nam in 2000, equal to 98.6 percent of new members in 1999.

Of the new members, 32.5 percent were female, 52.8 percent under 30 years of age, 52.6 percent members of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (HCMCYU), 12.9 percent ethnic minority people and 1.1 percent religious believers.