Tourists visit Da Nang city in 2000

Jan. 5 (VNA) -- The central city of Da Nang welcomed more than 393,700 tourists in 2000, a year-on-year increase of 29 percent.

Of these 185,230 were international tourists, mostly from China, France and the U.S., an 87-percent increase.

Da Nang City Tourism-Service turnover for the year was VND 255.63 billion (USD 18 million), almost 36.5 percent higher than the previous year.

FM on treaties of demarcation of Tokin Gulf and Fishery in TG


Radio Voice of Vietnam: Please provide your assessment on the Treaties on the Demarcation of the Tonkin Gulf and Fishery Cooperation in the Tonkin Gulf which were signed in Beijing during State President Tran Duc Luong's official friendship visit to China?


Tea production in Vietnam


Ha Noi, Jan. 4 (VNA) -- The Viet Nam Tea Corporation maintained a high growth rate in 2000 with a total output of more than 75,000 tonnes of tea, including 26,000 tonnes for export.

The corporation in 2000 obtained an import-export turnover of USD 36 million and a profit increase of 11.3 percent. Tea production joint ventures turned out 6,570 tonnes for export with a profit expectedly reaching more than USD 620,000.

Criminal offences drop but become more serious in HCM city

Jan. 4 (VNA) -- Ho Chi Minh (HCM) City police investigated more than 9,000 criminal offences last year, which left 104 people dead and 572 injured, and caused property losses totalling VND 95.5 billion.

The yearly metropolitan police figures show an overall fall of 17.7 percent in crime, 20 percent in casualty toll and 19 percent in property losses as compared to 1999.

But, despite the drop, police say, offences were more serious and there are indications that criminal gangs have penetrated law-enforcement agencies.

Rubbers exports increase in 2000

Ha Noi, Jan. 3 (VNA) -- Viet Nam exported about 280,000 tonnes of latex worth USD 170 million last year - a rise of almost 16 percent over 1999.

The higher exports signal the industry's emergence from the 1999 crisis in rubber prices. The year 2000 also saw Viet Nam's latex exports to China meet quotas totalling 10,000 tonnes.

5,443 businesses were established in Ho Chi Minh city in 2000

Ha Noi, Jan. 3 (VNA) -- A total of 5,443 businesses with a combined capital of VND 6,500 billion (USD 464 million) were established in Ho Chi Minh City in 2000, the first year after the Enterprise Law took effect.

The figures showed year-on-year increases of 130 percent and 70 percent in the number of businesses and capital, respectively.

Besides, 8,565 other businesses added more than VND 3,000 billion to their investment capital.

83,5 million tonnes of goods through Vietnam's sea ports

Ha Noi, Jan. 3 (VNA) -- Viet Nam's sea ports handled 83.5 million tonnes of goods, including nine million tonnes of goods in transit, in 2000, a 17.2 percent year-on-year increase.

As many as 9.6 million tonnes were transported through Sai Gon port, surpassing the yearly plan by 13.2 percent or making a year-on-year increase of 15.5 percent, a record over the past six years.

55th anniversary of first general election marked

Ha Noi, Jan. 4 (VNA) -- The National Assembly of Viet Nam during the ten tenures over the past 55 years has made remarkable contributions to the national revolutionary cause.

NA Chairman Nong Duc Manh made his remarks at a get-together to mark the 55th anniversary of the NA first general election, which was held on Jan. 4, 1946 after the establishment of the Democratic Republic of Viet Nam, now the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, on Sept. 2, 1945.

UNDP provides aid for Vietnam's tourism development

Ha Noi, Jan. 2 (VNA) -- The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has provided USD 232,000 to help the Viet Nam Tourism Administration (VTA) to revise its master plan for tourism development in Viet Nam to 2010.

A team of national and international experts is working to update the master plan prepared by the VTA in 1995. The experts will develop change indicators for tourist sites in order to assess the impact of tourism on natural and cultural resources of Viet Nam.