Vietnam - US Agreement on the Acceptance of the Return of Vietnamese Citizens

The return of Vietnamese citizens will be conducted in a safe and orderly manner, taking into account humanity as well as specific circumstances of the returnees, including the family unity, Vietnamese Foreign Ministry's Spokesman Le Dzung said in response to questions from the media on January 24 2008.

Dung said the agreement, signed on January 22 2008 by Vietnamese Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs Dao Viet Trung and US Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security Julie Myers, covers people who are citizens of Vietnam and are not citizens of the US or of any other countries; previously resided in Vietnam and have no current residence in a third country; violated U.S. laws and received deportation order by U.S. competent authority; complete imprisonment for convicted criminal offenses. The agreement is not applicable to citizens of Vietnam who entered the US before July 12 1995, the date of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and the US. Repatriation will be implemented in an orderly and safe manner, in line with U.S. laws, international laws and items in this agreement, taking into account humanity, family unity and specific circumstances of each individual returnee, with dignity of the returnees respected.


Statement by Vietnam Embassy Spokesman Nguyen The Cuong, in response to question of the San Jose Mercury News on January 24.

The Government of Vietnam in cooperation with other relevant countries always safeguard and protect the legitimate and legal rights of its citizens. In previous repatriation programs which involved Vietnam and other countries and international organizations, returnees have been treated humanely, in line with Vietnamese law and international practices. They  have endured no discrimation or mistreatment and been assisted to integrate into community.