A Journalist’s Story

The exhaustive working trip last month has left me indebted, owing some writing for Thanh Nien newspaper on the occasion of Vietnam’s Press Day, June 21.

Coincidentally, Vietnam Television has recently also interviewed me about the significance of the occasion. Thanks to the interview, I have had a chance to reflect, both in sense and sensibility, at my profession as a journalist over a long period in the very special situation Vietnam.

US Group to Build Resort In Southern Vietnam

The US' Winvestment-LLC Group has received a license to build a US$300 million tourism site in the southern seaside Vung Tau city, a local official said.
The Sai Gon Atlantis Hotel resort will feature a hotel that can accommodate 2,000 guests, according to the project.

Besides, the 300-ha resort will also feature an entertainment park with both land and water games, a sports complex, including a golf course, and exhibition halls, which can welcome some 100,000 visitors a day.

Vietnam Sees Boom in American Arrivals in June

The number of American tourists to Vietnam in June skyrocketed 48.5 percent over May, totaling over 1.72 million foreign visitors in the first half of 2005, said the country’s tourism watchdog.
Statistics of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) showed that 35,053 Americans visited Vietnam in June. Thanks to the unexpected surge, the total US arrivals in the reached 166,875 or 19.4 percent over the same period last year.

In total, Vietnam lured more than 1.72 million foreign tour-goers in the January-June period, up 23.7 percent year-on-year.

Vietnamese Company to Publish Foreign Best Seller

The Vietnamese company First News inked an exclusive agreement with an American publishing corporation for the right to translate and distribute their books in Vietnam.

First News signed the contract with the US publishing corporation L. Ron Hubbard for exclusive distribution in Vietnam of the book entitled “Dianetics Modern Science of Mental Health.”

The deal includes three other books all penned by Doctor Hubbard.

UNHCR Checks on Repatriated Ethnic Minorities in Gia Lai

Gia Lai, June 23 (VNA) - Vu Anh Son, a representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Viet Nam, arrived in the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai on June 22 to inquire into the life of recently repatriated local ethnic minority people who had illegally crossed the border to Cambodia.

This was the second time the delegation came to Gia Lai for this purpose.

Foreign firm gets green light to build hangar in Vietnam

A foreign company will invest 500 million USD to build a hangar for heavy aircraft maintenance in central Quang Nam province following recent approval by the prime minister, said a provincial leader.
The project is scheduled to start this year at Chu Lai Airport in the Chu Lai Open Economic Zone.

The PM also approved two other major foreign investment projects in the Chu Lai OEZ – a 400 million-USD nitrogen fertilizer and construction glass plant and 400 million-USD thermoelectricity plant.

AmCham praises Viet Nam’s progress in law

"We are pleased to see progress on important legislation, including the Unified Enterprise Law and the Common Investment Law. These laws, when enacted, represent an excellent opportunity for Viet Nam to demonstrate that it is taking practical and significant steps to meet its obligations under international bilateral trade agreements and its commitments under the WTO entry process."

Intel signs deal to help develop 'digital Vietnam'

The world's largest chipmaker Intel has signed an agreement with the Vietnamese government to improve the accessibility of information technologies throughout the country, the company's CEO said.
Intel president Paul Otellini said the foundation would aim to boost communication infrastructure across ministries, government, provinces and various organisations.

The company also wants to help Vietnam develop a robust local IT industry and increase computerisation in schools.

Otellini denied revealing how much the company would spend on the program.

Anti-corruption bill requires officials declare assets

Vietnam’s new bill on anti-corruption has, for the first time, legalized the responsibility of state officials, civil servants and army and police officers to declare assets of 50 million VND (roughly 3,150 USD) and up.

Officials’ declared assets must also include those of the spouse and children as well, according to the bill, stressing likely confiscation of assets for officials who fail to prove assets were acquired legally.

US students volunteer in central Hue province

Eleven students from a college in the US journeyed to the central city of Hue back on May 20, to take part in a month long program of charity work in the region, according to event organizers.
The 11 American students, part of the Break Away Association at Johnson State College, had a chance to attend the kick-off ceremony of Vietnam’s Youth Volunteer Campaign, the Green Summer 2005, in Hue June 4, organizers said.